Pick Your Own Pumpkin At Shelburne Farm

October 14th, 2019 by

If you want to celebrate fall the right way, then you need to start thinking about your pumpkin strategy for the year. Are you going to decorate with them, carve them, or use them in your favorite recipes? Regardless of what you need your pumpkins for, you need to ensure that the place you pick them out has exactly what you need. After all, if you truly want to have a magical season, you definitely don’t want to settle for second best. So, just where should you go? Make your way to Shelburne Farm this year. At Shelburne Farm, you know you’re going to get the very best quality, no matter what you’re on the hunt for. It’s located in Stow, Massachusetts, which is only 20 miles away from Boston. That makes it easy to reach even if you live in the heart of the city. Here’s what you can expect when you visit.

A Wide Variety of Pumpkins to Choose From
Most of the time, when you go to a pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin, you are going to be choosing from one or maybe two varieties, if you get really lucky. But what if you want something different? Well, at Shelburne Farm, you’ll get much more variety. You can find a pumpkin in just about any shape or size. Want to buy several small ones that you can easily use to decorate around your home? Not a problem at all. Maybe you’re searching for a larger one that will be perfect for carving. If so, this place has you covered. Plus, it even has sugar pumpkins, which may just be the best for baking. Plus, you can also find a wide variety of gourds for just about anything you need. Therefore, you’ll want to take your time when you come here so you can take a close look at all of your options. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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Check Out the Apples
Sure, you may be going to Shelburne Farm specifically for the pumpkins, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some other produce while you’re there. Why not check out the large selection of apples you can choose from? Since this farm grows so many different varieties, you’re certainly not going to be disappointed. There are still all types of apples still in season, so take a look at what the farm has available when you stop by.

Make plans to take a trip to Shelburne Farm today.

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