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Brake Service At Honda Cars of Boston

Operating your vehicle with brakes that are in need of service or repair is by far the most dangerous thing you can do. There's a lot of great auto safety technology that's being introduced into new vehicles every year, but none of that can take the place of your brakes. Over time, your brakes will inevitably become worn down and brake components will need replacing.

We recommend if you suspect that your brakes may be wearing down that you bring your car, truck, van or SUV to Honda Cars of Boston in Everett MA, for a brake inspection. Our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your brake system and if it needs service, one of our advisors will go over all the options with you.

The good news is that most often only components of your brake system need repair or replacement - not the whole system. Be sure to check out our online service specials. They are discounted services on maintenance items like brake jobs, oil changes, tire rotations and more. Then schedule online to get your brakes inspected at our Massachusetts brake repair center located at 100 Broadway, Rt 99 Everett, MA 02149-2415.

If you have questions about the costs associated with brake repair and maintenance, just contact us online, or call our service department at (617) 381-9000.

What Are Signs My Brakes Need Repair?

Brakes display a variety of symptoms or signs when they are in need of repair or replacement. Squeaking or other screeching like sounds when applying brakes may be an indicator that you are in need of a brake job.

If, when you step on the brakes, you feel like they aren't as responsive as they once were, that could also be a sign. Vibration is usually the most common symptom that your vehicle's brakes may be in need of maintenance. This usually occurs when you are driving down the road and apply the brakes to slow down from a rapid rate of speed.

If your car starts to shudder or vibrate, then it's time to bring it to Honda Cars of Boston. Stopping in for brake inspection and maintenance now could save you in the long run from having to get a complete brake system replacement.

Save With Brake Specials At Honda Cars of Boston

Our online service specials can help offset the expense of maintenance like brake jobs at Honda Cars of Boston. Our service center will inspect your brake system and if you need new pads, shoes or brake fluid replacement, we'll take care of it. Our Everett, MA auto maintenance facility services hundreds of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs every month. We only use genuine Honda parts when we service your vehicle and all our technicians are factory certified. If you live in the Medford or Malden areas and think you might be in need of brake maintenance, don't wait another day. Come to Honda Cars of Boston located at 100 Broadway, Rt 99 Everett, MA 02149-2415.